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JAM822 - Monetizing your BlackBerry 10 Applications with Payment Services In today’s application and game market, one of the common monetization strategies is to provide a core app or game for free and include items the user can purchase. BlackBerry 10 offers the BlackBerry Payment Service to enable these and other forms of in-app purchases. In this session, we’ll look at an overview of payment services integration, work through examples for both WebWorks™ and Cascades™, and explore how and why you should integrate with payment services to build great Built for BlackBerry applications. 1 Hour Breakout Erik Oros
Johan Kremer
JAM834 - Making the Most of Cards and Invocation Invocation is the framework behind the BlackBerry® Flow experience. Come see firsthand how invocation can increase user engagement in your application and how you can leverage other applications to do something your app can’t. For the first time ever, we will introduce the Default Selection feature that can make your app the default tool for a task and we'll explore the new web portal, allowing you to register your app as an invocation target. 1 Hour Breakout Itthipon Dilokrattanapijit
Alan Wong
JAM806 - Market Insights 101 - Understanding Product-Market Fit This session provides an overview to what are the general market opportunities for BlackBerry in APAC. We will look at the macro trends and opportunities in selected key markets for BlackBerry, and deep dive to provide a better appreciation on smartphone trends, apps trends and app usage patterns. Based on results from annual market research studies, we will be able to get a greater understanding of the smartphone user in areas such as their demographics, smartphone usage, interest, hobbies and the media they consumed. 1 Hour Breakout Garick Kea
JAM827 - Advanced Data Models in Cascades Does your app need a list to show items? We’ll talk about retrieving, storing, and displaying list data. You will learn about the new data management features that have been added as part of the Cascades™ 10.2 release, specifically the AsyncDataModel class. This type of data model is good at handling large data sets and it uses cache functionality that can save start-up time and conserve memory usage. It also provides improved management of hierarchical data, such as the common header/details structure that’s used in many lists. We’ll also see how to handle remote data in your lists. 1 Hour Breakout Prakash Sainani
Par Kjellberg
JAM841 - Delivering Mobile First Solutions Mobile first isn’t just a buzz phrase. With BlackBerry® 10 devices, the opportunities are endless.  From connecting external devices like Bluetooth keyboards and mice, to expanding visible space with HDMI or Miracast, to controlling remote end points through wireless network connections, BlackBerry 10 is built to bring mobile first to life. 1 Hour Session Ekkehard Gentz
Tim Neil
JAM842 - Native Camera - View the World from a Different Angle Building a simple camera app is as easy as downloading sample code.  But how do you build a better camera app?  How do you build a camera app that does new and awesome things? What sort of advanced functionality is available on the BlackBerry 10 platform?  Join the designer of the native camera API for a deep dive through a best-practices camera app, and a look at a broad series of cool technology demos ranging from OpenCV, OCR, OpenGL integration, Augmented Reality, and image processing. 1 Hour Breakout Sean McVeigh
JAM862 - Lab: Cascades 102: Basics of UI Development Please note that streaming video is not available for this session. Learn the basics of UI development for native BlackBerry® 10 applications using Cascades™ and the QML language. This lab will walk you through sample code showing basic but important Cascades concepts such as list, layout and navigation features. You also will get hands on with the development environment and with the code and run your first Cascades application. 1 Hour Hands On Lab Par Kjellberg
Prakash Sainani
Muhammad Noor
JAM812 - Build an App in 60 Minutes with Cascades The Cascades™ toolkit lets you develop clean, performant applications that integrate seamlessly with the BlackBerry® look and feel. It is also designed to maximize your productivity, making app creation easier than it has ever been before. In a single session we will show you how you can code a full-functional native BlackBerry app using the Cascades toolkit. Taking existing data, we will generate a user interface from scratch using QML, integrating it with the BlackBerry platform and making it ready for publication and Built for BlackBerry certification. This session will touch on tools and techniques needed to develop for Cascades, but is not intended as an introduction to Cascades development. 1 Hour Breakout Anthony Hu
David Clayworth
JAM805 - Beyond the Device: Extending the Device Experience with Wireless Peripherals Unlock the power of wireless peripherals on BlackBerry® 10. Join this session to learn how to transform BlackBerry 10 devices into mobile computers leveraging Bluetooth®, Bluetooth Low Energy and WiFi® peripherals to create new mobile computing solutions. Discover the opportunities and learn how to leverage wireless technology in your apps to extend the smartphone experience. 1 Hour Breakout Ranbijay Kumar
John Murray
JAM838 - Cascades Accessibility - Before A11y and After As application developers, we often forget that people have different abilities from ourselves.  For example, the blind and visually impaired are also users of smartphones.  Does your application consider their needs?  This session will provide an overview of some best practices for A11y for developers looking to expand their customer base to the blind and visually impaired. 1 Hour Breakout Anthony Hu
JAM810 - Enterprise 101: Your App's Been Deployed Behind the Firewall, Now What? For developers that are new to the enterprise environment, this session will provide a detailed overview of the specific considerations that developers must address when their app is deployed behind the corporate firewall. Attend this session to learn more about BlackBerry® Balance, permissions, MDS and BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 push. 1 Hour Breakout Dennis Reumer
Adrian Rusu
JAM859 - Developing Mobile and Pervasive Apps in BlackBerry 10 using UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) supports seamless connections of computers, peripherals, household gadgets, and mobile devices. The arrival of consumer electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets has placed new emphasis on techniques for connecting and sharing information. The concepts of mobile and pervasive computing are becoming more practical and UPnP standard is a good candidate to provide pervasive services like zero configuration and auto-discovery of devices and services on future networks. However, there is no easy way to develop UPnP apps, mainly because of the complexity of the UPnP standards. Enter the BRisa UPnP framework, an open source framework written in Qt and available for BlackBerry® 10 which allows you to easily develop mobile solutions for providing pervasive services. In this session, we'll discuss how to use the framework, the current status of the project and how to get involved. 1 Hour Breakout Leandro de Sales
John Murray
JAM843 - Gaming on BlackBerry Game developers unite! BlackBerry® 10 is leading the way in mobile game development.  With new developments such as gamepad, Miracast, WiFi Direct and OpenGL 3.0 support, BlackBerry 10 devices are becoming mobile gaming consoles in their own right.  Join this session to learn how easy it is to start developing games for BlackBerry 10 and to discover what types of games BlackBerry users in the APAC region are downloading. 1 Hour Breakout Sujoy Ghosh
Pratik Sapra
JAM835 - Native and Web Built for BlackBerry App Template Interested in attaining the Built for BlackBerry designation? The Built for BlackBerry template sample apps can help.  One built for WebWorks and one built for Cascades, these templates will show you how to implement each of the required criteria items for this designation. In addition, this session will also show you how to add customization to your app, allowing you to add your own unique look and feel to your app, and/or meet the branding guidelines of your company, while still achieving the signature BlackBerry 10 experience which is a staple of the Built for BlackBerry program. 1 Hour Session Prakash Sainani
Justin Lee
JAM846 - Data Driven Web Apps If you are building a data intensive web application, this is the session for you! Displaying data is a simple idea with infinite implementations.  Join this session to learn about unique presentation options and common pitfalls in lists and list items. Then dive deeper to explore data source integration and optimization with SQL, XML and JSON sources. 1 Hour Breakout Michelle Mendoza
JAM844 - Building Apps that Sense, Understand and Adapt Join this session to learn how to build apps with the same mindset from which the core BlackBerry® 10 apps were built: applications that Sense, Understand and Adapt to their surroundings. The time has come and new APIs have unlocked a ton of functionality that you can leverage to build apps to create better user experiences. Join us to see how you can build applications that adapt to their environment and anticipate user actions by understanding the context in which the app is being used. 1 Hour Breakout Ranbijay Kumar
Sean McVeigh
JAM823 - Delivering Data with Push & MDS Push With Enterprise apps having a need to reliably, proactively and efficiently receive data, Push technology provides organizations with a best-in-class solution to meet the needs of Enterprise apps.  Push technology provides the ability to securely deliver data from behind your corporate firewall out to your devices.  A trusted technology, Push has been successfully implemented by Enterprises from every major industry vertical.  Attend this session to learn about Push and MDS Push, the components required to implement the technology as well as how it all works.  This session will arm you with the tools you need to hit the ground running. 1 Hour Breakout Maurice White
JAM863 - The Magic of Mobile Join Gary Klassen, Principal Architect for BlackBerry® and inventor of BBM™, to explore the world of mobile in a whole new way. Mobile Application development is different from traditional forms of desktop application development.  Modern mobile devices contain rich capabilities that make it possible to solve real problems in new and unique ways.  Join us for an exploration of what makes mobile different and examples that you can use in your application to enable the next generation of compelling user experiences. 1 Hour Breakout Gerhard Klassen
JAM828 - What's New in 10.2: The Evolution of BlackBerry 10 APIs and Tooling A lot has changed since the launch of BlackBerry® 10! Join this session to see how the BlackBerry 10 APIs have evolved from the initial release to 10.1 to 10.2.  This session will also provide some insight into how the platform and APIs are evolving to facilitate new and exciting app possibilities in mobile computing. These include new and improved notification mechanisms, enhanced messaging and BlackBerry Hub APIs and APIs that allow you to interact with peripherals and external displays. We will also explore new changes to the tooling to simplify the developer workflow and help you become more productive. Such changes include the new UX and workflow improvements made to the Momentics tooling as well as new and revamped application code signing mechanism. If you want to see what’s new in 10.2, this is the session for you! 1 Hour Breakout Russell Andrade
JAM813 - Cascades 101: An Introduction to UI Development This session is an introduction to native UI development for BlackBerry® 10, using the Cascades™ UI framework. You will learn about the architecture and fundamentals of Cascades, how to use it and how it works on the inside. We will go through how Cascades makes use of Qt and QML, complete with code examples. This is the perfect session to attend if you are new to Cascades, or if you just want to refresh your memory. 1 Hour Breakout Christopher Saunders
JAM816 - WebWorks 101 This session will help guide you through the fundamental concepts of developing a BlackBerry® WebWorks™ application, with a focus on some of the latest BlackBerry® 10 concepts and APIs delivered in our latest release. We will dive into enhancing a sample WebWorks application with some high value APIs delivering fundamental BlackBerry 10 user experience concepts such as invocation, cards, PIM, and more. Also learn about creating custom native extensions to leverage native APIs. This session is intended for developers that are new to web development on BlackBerry® or those who are just looking for a quick refresher. 1 Hour Breakout Ken Wallis
JAM814 - Cascades 201 - The Great Cascades Debate: C++ or QML? Two speakers will debate the pros and cons of coding your UI entirely in QML vs entirely in C++.  The debate will continue as the speakers explore the development of business logic: one speaker attempting to stay entirely within the realm of QML and Javascript, the other using signals and slots, working exclusively in Qt and C++.  Ease of development, performance, and personal preference will all be explored.  Attend this session to hear both sides of the argument!  Attendees of this session may also benefit from attending JAM818, which explores the hybrid development approach, combining web and native technologies. 1 Hour Breakout Alan Wong
Muhammad Noor
JAM819 - Android 101: Developing Android Applications for BlackBerry Devices For Android™ developers interested in deploying apps on BlackBerry® 10, this session will provide an overview of Android development on BlackBerry 10 including tooling, the BlackBerry® Runtime for Android apps and how to develop apps for multiple screen resolutions and device form factors. Discover new features relating to upcoming Jelly Bean support and best practices for writing high performing Android apps for all BlackBerry 10 devices. 1 Hour Breakout Itthipon Dilokrattanapijit
Levon Levonian
JAM830 - Making Magic with Animations and Custom Controls The Cascades™ framework offers beautiful control elements that offer a high level of user experience. However, there may comes a time when you need more control. That's where animations and custom controls come in. Join this session to learn how to create beautiful animations and custom controls that provide intuitive user experience in your Cascades apps. 1 Hour Breakout Par Kjellberg
Marcus Hannerstig
JAM848 - Building Blocks of a Web Application As devices and platforms are becoming more powerful, so too must the frameworks that drive our applications. In this session, we'll take a look at a few HTML5 frameworks gaining momentum. Performance gains through backbone.js, the simplicity of Construct 2 (who needs code?), and others that help create compelling BlackBerry® 10 applications. 1 Hour Breakout Justin Lee
JAM852 - Adobe AIR 3.5 Overview Do you want to achieve the best possible performance for your application? Are you a game developer? The Adobe® AIR® runtime has been updated to version 3.5 in BlackBerry® 10.2! Join Demian Borba who will be giving an overview on how to achieve buttery smooth 60FPS games and applications with hardware accelerated Stage3D.  1 Hour Breakout Demian Borba
JAM837 - Localization: Developing Apps for the International Customer With BlackBerry® gaining ground in international markets and with the device available in over 30 languages, the market is more than ripe for developers to focus on localizing their applications so that they can appeal to the international customer. Besides having the app translated into different languages, there are certain considerations that need to be taken into place while the application is being developed to ensure that it can integrate well to translations and markets requiring specific layouts. For example, the app would need to be able to support longer field sizes for labels that will likely be longer when they are translated. Besides this, there are certain industry practices that should be adhered to, in order to allow for proper translations to take place, such as externalizing English strings so that they can be replaced with translated strings for different languages. This session will provide an overview of such practices, followed by questions and answers from developers looking to expand their customer base internationally.  The session will focus on native Cascades apps with references to Webkit.  However, the concepts are relevant to all app environments. 1 Hour Breakout Mohammad El-Kadri
Anthony Hu
JAM825 - Understanding Who Uses Your App and How with In-app Analytics In-app analytics can provide fantastic information on who is using your application and how they are using it, allowing you to make the best decisions on where to focus your development efforts. Come to this session to learn about the various analytics SDKs available for BlackBerry® 10 and see how you too can implement analytics to get the best insight on how to improve/augment your applications. 1 Hour Breakout Vasudeva Thumati
JAM803 - How the Use of NFC is Evolving: Innovative Ways to Use NFC Beyond Payments In the age of mobile computing, opportunities to leverage NFC are quickly growing.  NFC can be used to solve enterprise and consumer problems like deep indoor navigation and much more. Join this session to see how the use of NFC is evolving and how you can leverage NFC to build consumer and enterprise apps that sense, understand and adapt to their surroundings. 1 Hour Breakout Amrish Kumar Jain
John Murray
Ranbijay Kumar
JAM800 - Ask the Experts Come to the Jam Space for drop-in consultations with breakout session speakers and other experts about the following topics: Native - C/C++, Native - Cascades/Qt, Web - Browser/WebKit, Web - BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK, UI/UX, BlackBerry World™ & Go-to-Market, Enterprise, and Gaming. Don't miss this opportunity to have all your questions answered! 45 min. Session
JAM801 - Why Build a Built for BlackBerry App? The Built for BlackBerry® program is designed to describe the qualities of a game or application that takes advantage of BlackBerry® 10 in features, function, and philosophy. This session will outline recent changes to the program and show why you should consider aiming for the Built for BlackBerry designation for your apps. We'll look at the criteria of program, examples of great Built for BlackBerry applications and some that just don't quite make the bar. This is a great session for developers who want to learn more about what Built for BlackBerry means and how it can help them get their apps discovered. 1 Hour Breakout Tom Anderson
JAM820 - Android 201: Porting your Android Apps to Cascades If you've got an Android™ app and you're thinking about making the jump to a fully native BlackBerry® 10 app, this session is for you. Discover how to migrate your Android UI, logic, and JNI code to a native BlackBerry 10 application using Cascades™. Learn tips and tricks from the Android to BlackBerry 10 porting guide. 1 Hour Breakout Vasudeva Thumati
Levon Levonian
JAM821 - ListView++: Supporting Multiple Data Sources in a List View The Cascades™ ListView is one of the most common UI components in BlackBerry® 10 apps. However using the default DataModels available can be difficult in some advanced applications, especially when compiling information from multiple data sources in the same list. This session will explore expansion of the ListItemProvider class to create a top level provider that delegates item creation and updates to multiple ItemProviders, one for each type of item, so that each individual ItemProvider can be reused in different lists, preventing duplicate code and increasing code maintainability.  We'll also explore the implementation of a LayoutManager when synchronizing size or alignment of inner elements of different cells. For developers that need to manipulate complex lists, this is the session for you. 1 Hour Breakout Rafael Slobodian
Vasudeva Thumati
JAM858 - Bringing your BlackBerry Java Apps to BlackBerry 10 Migrating Java applications to BlackBerry® 10 doesn't have to be a difficult task. Join BlackBerry® developers as they discuss how to analyze, strategize, and discuss a migration path for Java applications on BlackBerry® 7 to either Qt and Cascades™ or HTML5 and BlackBerry® WebWorks™ on BlackBerry 10. Join long time BlackBerry developer, Simon Hain, as he shows you how to achieve feature parity between your BlackBerry 7 app and your app on BlackBerry 10, contrasting the differences in approach to UI development and design as well as key APIs, with examples from the native SDK that will help you migrate your existing solution forward to the new platform in a way that's easy for you and familiar for your end users. 1 Hour Breakout Simon Hain
Levon Levonian
JAM853 - Creating Great UI/UX with Feathers for Adobe AIR This session will provide an overview on how to build stunning, hardware-accelerated user interfaces with Feathers. Feathers provides open source UI components built on top of the Starling Framework. Join Demian Borba has he demonstrates just how easy it is to build a BlackBerry® 10 themed Feathers application. Whether you’re creating a menu system for a game or a fully-fledged application, you can’t miss this session if you’re an Adobe® AIR® developer. 1 Hour Breakout Demian Borba
JAM826 - Calling and Consuming Web Services with oData Accessing data from many disparate and often closed systems can be very challenging! Enterprises must deal with many different clients trying to access data from Web applications to mobile devices. oData standardizes the model data with the protocol allowing consumers of data to get data in a consistent manner. Learn how to leverage consuming oData content with standard web ReSTful services on BlackBerry® 10 as we demonstrate an oData consumption app, as well as a full CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) client.  1 Hour Breakout HyunJun Jung
JAM840 - Headless Apps with Cascades The session will discuss the brand new Background Services framework which allows developers to bundle a separate process with their application to run in the background without a UI.  We will explore the types of apps and usage scenarios that would benefit from using this framework.  You will also learn the basics of how this framework works, learn some guidelines about when to use it and when not to, and understand the tooling implications.  We will also look at some best practices to observe when developing such an app and what you should and shouldn’t do. 1 Hour Breakout Russell Andrade
JAM857 - Panel: Building Mobile Apps for Asia: The Market, the Challenges and the Rewards Think the best mobile apps come only from the West? This panel will look at strong case studies of mobile developers in Asia who are adapting existing techniques for high-growth, developing markets. Find out what challenges they face in these new markets and how working with strong partners allows them to succeed. 1 Hour Panel Vincent Putera
Michal Juhas
Calvin Kizana
Danny Wirianto
Joash Wee
Sarim Aziz
JAM808 - BlackBerry World 101: Get your Apps Out There & Get Them Noticed with BlackBerry World Join this session to learn all about submitting your apps to BlackBerry World and how to craft the perfect submission to help get your apps noticed. Explore the app submission process and the features available in BlackBerry World's vendor portal. If you're looking to deploy your app on the BlackBerry platform, this session is for you. With the number of apps in BlackBerry World growing daily, getting your app noticed is a big part of creating a successful app. Join this session to learn how to create the perfect app submission for BlackBerry World. Learn how to effectively use screenshots, feature outlines, search engine optimization (SEO), to increase your apps relevance. With a specific focus on the APAC region, this session will show you what users are looking for in app descriptions and how you can entice those users to download. 1 Hour Breakout Sujoy Ghosh
Krishna Tammireddy
JAM839 - Maps, Geofencing and Location Based Services in your App Let’s get some maps in your apps with the power and flexibility of BlackBerry® Maps. The session will cover both native and web implementations of map integration, then dive deeper to learn about using location data and geofencing to create better user experiences and add more meaning to your apps. 1 Hour Breakout Vasudeva Thumati
JAM833 - Native Build Management: A View From The Developer Trenches Join BlackBerry® Elite members Simon Hain and Ekkehard (ekke) Gentz as they explore the depths of build management for native BlackBerry apps. From automated builds with Jenkins, to API level control with Git branches to controlling code quality with Sonar, this session will give you the knowledge, understanding, tips and tricks to take native development to the next level. 1 Hour Breakout Simon Hain
Ekkehard Gentz
JAM811 - Enterprise 201: BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.1 Overview and Deploying Apps in the Secure Workspace for Android and iOS For enterprise developers interested in deploying enterprise apps to BlackBerry®, Android™ and iOS® devices, this session will provide a detailed overview of BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10.1 and how enterprise developers can leverage it in secure deployments. Also with the implementation of secure work space containers for iOS and Android, developers can now leverage the BlackBerry infrastructure in enterprise network configurations to deploy to other devices. This session will discuss going beyond email for Android and iOS devices, solving the mobile VPN access issue for Android and iOS users using the BlackBerry infrastructure and the interface differences between the native BlackBerry® Balance experience vs. the Android and iOS experiences. 1 Hour Breakout Adrian Rusu
David Arnold
JAM804 - Beyond the Device: Extend the Device Experience with (mostly) Wired Peripherals Unlock the power of wired peripherals on BlackBerry® 10. Join this session to learn how to transform BlackBerry 10 devices into mobile computers leveraging USB and HDMI, as well as taking the wireless approach to screen display with Miracast. Discover the opportunities and learn how to leverage peripherals in your apps to extend the smartphone experience. 1 Hour Breakout Maurice White
HyunJun Jung
JAM802 - Built for BlackBerry: How to go from Rejected to Approved Built for BlackBerry® is a set of criteria that identify applications that are taking full advantage of the BlackBerry® 10 system and providing the user an enhanced productivity or entertainment experience. Not all applications or games that are submitted to Built for BlackBerry receive approval. Currently, only 10% of the applications that are submitted make the grade. In this session, we'll look at real world examples of applications or games that initially fell short for Built for BlackBerry approval but with some changes and additions, made it over the bar. 1 Hour Breakout Tom Anderson
JAM855 - Panel: Market Insights 201 - Leveraging Developer Groups and the BlackBerry Elite Program - Tips and Tricks They say there’s strength in numbers but several of the BlackBerry Developer Groups around the globe started with just one or two of our most passionate developers. Come hear the pain and the success of some our most active developer groups in the APAC region. This panel session will feature elites like Jonah Lin and cover details of BlackBerry Developer Groups, BlackBerry Tech Centers and the BlackBerry Elite Program. Learn what it takes to become a BlackBerry Elite member and how to start or join a local BlackBerry Developer Group. Developer groups aren't just for coders; they are for idea-makers, designers, app marketers and many more. Finally, hear from one of BlackBerry Tech Centers and how they are shaping the local software ecosystem. Got struggles with your app? See how BlackBerry programs can help you. Questions are welcome! 1 Hour Breakout Sijo Kuruvilla
Prasetyo Andy Wicaksono
Jonah Lin
Saurabh Jain
Sha Sa
JAM824 - Take Your Apps and Games Social with BBM and Scoreloop SDKs Join this session to learn about the exciting year ahead for BBM™ and Scoreloop™. Explore BBM, BBM Channels, BBM on iOS® and Android™. Implement Scoreloop APIs to easily add leaderboards, challenges and achievement to your game while increase social discovery of your game in the Games app. If you are looking to make your app or game more social, or would like to discuss what you feel is important from the BBM and Scoreloop APIs, this session is for you! 1 Hour Breakout Christopher Saunders
David Patterson
JAM815 - Cascades 301: Creating Adaptive UI/UX for Multiple Form Factors One app, multiple devices! Attend this session to learn best practices for writing apps in Cascades™ that utilize the different aspect ratios and feature-sets of all BlackBerry® 10 devices. This session is intended for developers with an existing knowledge of Cascades. 1 Hour Breakout David Clayworth
JAM818 - Web or Native? How About Both?! Developing Hybrid Native-Web Apps Web or native, that is the question; the surprising answer is that you don't always have to choose. This session will explore how to build hybrid applications, leveraging Web technologies to control native UI, with all the performance and behaviors you expect for the best experience on BlackBerry® 10. More importantly, this session will discuss when it's best to make use of hybrid apps and help you understand how to leverage the best of both worlds. Then see an in depth case study of how to create a TV guide using a hybrid web-native infinite scrolling grid, hearing about the benefits and drawbacks of the purely web, purely native and native-web hybrid approaches to the same problem. Attendees of this session may also benefit from attending JAM814, which explores the debate between C++ and QML. 1 Hour Breakout Yi Du
Tim (Tian Le) Shi
Justin Lee
JAM829 - Advanced Video with DRM This session will cover an overview of video playback, streaming and DRM on BlackBerry® 10.  Then, explore a video on-demand case study and learn best practicing for designing and creating a reusable service layer and model layer.  Learn about common tasks that can be streamlined to create a reusable model using the Cascades™ UI framework. The session will provide a deep dive into some great Cascades/Qt/C++ features that help create reusable service/model layer components. We will give some examples of how MetaObject system could be used to implement generic parser, how C++ template, QObject and QVariant could be used together to deliver a service payload in a generic form, and how developers can handle multi-threading environments and take advantage of Property Binding to improve UI responsiveness. 1 Hour Breakout Yi Du
Muhammad Noor
Sean McVeigh
JAM836 - Building Responsive Applications: Performance Tuning for Cascades Applications One of the key criteria for Built for BlackBerry® recognition is performance. Mobile applications must be smooth in function, fast in response, and display little or no lag time. In this session, we’ll discuss the performance that end users expect, the performance that the platform is capable of and how your can tune your Cascades™ application to get the best possible performance.  1 Hour Breakout Gerhard Klassen
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