Amazing Selling Machine 11 EXPOSED: An Insider’s Review (2020)

Investing your hard-earned money into anything these days can be highly unnerving. You might have already been conned into a course or two that has resulted in broken promises and a waste of your time and money.
You cannot afford to make these same mistakes again.
In addition, if you are just a beginner to the startup entrepreneur area, you are probably already feeling sceptical and nervous to make such a hefty investment for a training program online.
In our review, we will go into detail about the ASM Amazon FBA course to help you find out what it is all about.
We will cover every detail that this course is offering, by dissecting each module to provide you with a review of the overall course structure along with a comprehensive view of the overall design and presentation.
This is one of those, no-holds-barred and comprehensive reviews where we will cover not only the good but also the bad along with the ugly. We will leave no stone unturned!
So go make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, and sit back and be prepared to learn about the honest and to the point facts on this highly popular and sought-after e-commerce course.

What Is The Amazing Selling Machine?

ASM, which stands for Amazing Selling Machine is an online-based training course which is designed to train you on the right way to start up your very own e-commerce company, from scratch.
The training program will train you in the right way to use Amazon in order to sell physical products to consumers all over the world. This has been made possible using Amazon’s FBA, which stands for service.
ASM is currently among the leaders for e-commerce business courses and has maintained its top position since it was launched just over 5 years ago.
Amazing Selling Machine 11 is the latest and 11th instalment of this program. This version has undergone a complete overhaul and now includes the greatest and most up-to-date Amazon FBA strategies.

Why Choose Amazon?

The Amazing Selling Machine is primarily structured around how to launch and grow your own brand on Amazon.
This has to do with the fact, that at this stage it is the fastest and simplest method to start selling your physical products successfully online.
To drive this point even further, according to Statista in 2018, Amazon grossed more than $232.89 billion in revenue, which is quite impressive, but even more impressive when you remember that it was $55 billion more than 2017.
Amazon’s growth is exponential and there are no signs that it will slow down anytime soon. These figures make them the market leaders when it comes to the industry of e-commerce, which is why it makes perfect sense that ASM has been built around initially establishing your own presence on Amazon.
In addition, consumers have come to trust Amazon, and the conversion rates really speak for themselves. One of the latest studies discovered that average conversion rates in association to the top 500 Internet retailer sites are sitting at 3.32% which is regarded as respectable.
Amazon, on the other hand, is an entirely different beast, where it converts 13% for the standard customers, with a whopping 74% for its Prime members.
These numbers are total game changers for the businesses that are actively involved in selling their products through this platform. In fact, countless e-commerce entrepreneurs have achieved significant success by choosing to list their goods through Amazon FBA.

What Will You Get With Amazing Selling Machine?

You will receive an 8-week training course with ASM which will prepare you with the right skills that you will need to develop and grow a highly successful business.
You will also be granted access to a mentorship program, a private resource-vault, and access to an exclusive community which includes all the business owners that have already achieved their own success.
ASM states that on average mentors that are made available have already sold more than $1 million each from their own companies. The program also includes a lifetime membership with the ASM community forum.
On the community forum (exclusive), you will be able to take part in live private-group coaching calls. You will also be provided with free access to expert product-listing evaluations along with targeting traffic promotions directly from the ASM experts on your own products.
The last part of the Amazing Selling Machine is a private resource-vault which provides access to contacts and templates that you are able to use for your own company.
You are also offered with peace-of-mind and a guarantee that you are going to be guided every step of the way on what products you should be selling.
This is also one of the easiest ways to learn the right way to get a business started. The ASM program offers expert guidance on how to operate your latest business venture. You will also feel confident when you learn how to use the marketing methods which actually work.
When you complete the training program you will also know the correct way to scale your company. ASM comprehensively provides all the training you will ever need to grow an Amazon business, even if you have no prior experience in this industry.

What Is Inside The Amazing Selling Machine 11 ASM Course?

The ASM program involves an online 8-week course that you can complete in your own time. It provides step-by-step training and guidance along with highly detailed information on the easiest and best way to sell products successfully on Amazon.

Module One: Building Your Product Opportunity List

Module 1 contains meaty content that is designed to assist you with laying the foundations for your own physical-product business.
This training will help you with learning about different powerful product-sourcing techniques to make sure you are getting started on the correct footing.

Module Two: Suppliers, Samples, And Profit Numbers

Module 2 is focused on helping you to understand your numbers. From product tweaking to profit margins and how to locate the very best suppliers.
This is the module that will teach you about creating products that are superior to your competition, while at the same time making sure you retain profit margins that are healthy.

Module Three: Ordering Your Inventory And Creating Your Brand

This portion of the course involves taking a massive step towards your goals to go live for your own e-commerce business in the way of ordering your own inventory.
This part of the training also includes designing your own product packaging, reviewing product samples and how to ship your goods to Amazon!

Module Four: Building Your Brand Assets

The 4th module in the ASM course is focused entirely on Brand Assets. So what exactly are Brand Assets?
Here is the simple definition:
It is anything that will add value to your overall brand. The common examples of the brand asset’s will include:
  • Your website
  • Your products
  • Free content that you are sharing with your prospective customers
In this section, you will be learning how to set up your own brand website, along with lead capture pages, in addition to Social Media profiles.

Module Five: The Perfect Product Page

The Perfect Product Page is completely focused on how to make your sales POP! Your product page needs to be superior in order to start selling, and this module will teach you how.

Module Six: The Perfect Product Launch

This is the part that really sets the Amazing Selling Machine 11 apart from its competition. They have managed to create the PERFECT product blueprint which will help you compete in your own niche without any type of shady stuff going on.
This part of the training involves how to drop a product promotion of perfection to receive reviews and sales.

Module Seven: Advanced Marketing And Traffic Tools

Once you get to module 7, you are granted access to the free tools that ASM recommends, along with the opportunity to test each one to determine whether they work well for your own business.

Module Eight: Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Module 8 is all about the right strategies to scale your business through to the next levels using effective marketing and outsourcing methods.

Who Are Jason Katzenback And Matt Clark?

matt clark and jason amazing founders
Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark are the creators and founders of the ASM company. According to Jason’s LinkedIn profile, they run this company from Austin, Texas and they launched the business in June 2012.
But you may be wondering who these guys really are? And are they people you can trust to assist you in reaching your own entrepreneurial goals?

About Matt Clark

Matt Clark is originally from Houston Texas. He made the move to Austin in order to launch the Amazing Selling Machine with his partner Jason Katzenback.
When searching for more information on Matt Clark, we found a website of his known as Startup Myth, which does a poor job of showcasing his story. Yet he does reveal a few interesting insights about the tougher times he went through when growing up and his interactions with the wrong type of people.
According to Matt’s story, he advanced from a person that used to do drugs and break into homes onto reading the right business books and later building up profitable companies.
Unfortunately, there are so many stories like these all over the Internet, and we have heard many of these before.
However, Matt has been featured in various podcasts interviews, guest posts and several websites that appear convincing. Yet he could most definitely benefit more from improving the way he has communicated his own personal brand and story on his own website.

About Jason Katzenback

Jason Katzenback is definitely far more active outside of the ASM. He is highly visible on LinkedIn, along with a number of articles that he has published that covers different topics on
Jason kicked off a successful career selling his own e-books from his blogs where he made anything from $5 to $15k a month (this was still in 2003, which is regarded as the dark ages when it comes to the Internet).
In the year 2005, he started up Portal Feeder, which is a training business which taught the up and coming entrepreneurs the right way in which to launch and grow their own companies.
In 2012, he met Matt Clark. To summarize this long story, Matt at the time was making his money through the private-label products on Amazon FBA at the same time that these two men met.
Jason was highly impressed and wanted in on this action. Matt decided to take Jason under his own wing and only 4 months later, Jason was supposedly making $100k+ every month in profits on Amazon.
In the same year, the two launched the Amazing Selling Machine.

How Will ASM 11 Help You?

The ASM 2020 has been created to offer you with everything you need to know on how to sell on Amazon successfully. The Amazing Selling Machine has also developed and created what they have named the “Momentum Learning Method” which will assist you in getting results very fast.
It is up to you when it comes to how much money and time you have to invest into your business. With the ASM you can log into each training module and then just follow the lesson for the week to assist you in building your business up step-by-step.
After you have watched the video lesson, use the action items in the lesson to start growing your business.
Once you have completed the steps in the module, you can then move onto the following video lesson, so that you can continue with developing your latest business.
What I Enjoyed About ASM:
– Easy to follow 8-week course
– More than 35 hours of in-depth, step-by-step training
– Any questions you may have are answered quickly by experts
– Highly supportive community
– The course is always kept up-to-date
– Professional product-listing evaluation
What I Did Not Like About ASM:
– The cost
– Enrolments are not always available or open
– There are other programs that provide training which is product industry-specific
My largest complaint when it comes to the ASM has to do with the price for this course. These costs are a lot for most people. Other competitor programs are ranging between $300 and $400, but don’t provide as much information as ASM does.
Yet the way I have viewed the Amazing Selling Machine has to do with my education in college which cost way more than ASM, and the fact that it failed to equip me with even a quarter of real-world skills that ASM has provided me with.
So, if you look at it this way, if you spend $5,000 on something which could help you make $60+, then it should be something worthwhile looking into.
What I really enjoyed about this training is the fact that each piece of information is always current and up-to-date. The course constantly undergoes updates. So when any changes occur with suppliers or Amazon you will be the first person to know.
ASM is also backed by an outstanding community, which means any questions you may have are answered right away by real people. In addition, these people have already sold a lot of money on Amazon already. So you can trust the answers they provide.
If you are interested in joining ASMX this enrollment link will expire. What this means is that you might not be able to enroll with ASMX as this offer is only available periodically throughout the year.
If this does happen to you, it is still possible to register for the free webinars, and then you can sign-up where you will be put on their waiting list.
You will have complete access to all the training at all times. So the next question you may be asking, would be how much will this type of training course cost you?

How much does Amazing Selling Machine 11 Cost?

The total price for this training program is going to set you back $4,997. This may appear to be a significant investment. In addition, there are other costs that you need to take into consideration. You will also need money to invest in your actual product.
You will need to determine how much money you are going to need in order to invest in a product. There are also other costs involved such as labeling fees, import tax, and shipping costs.
The good news about ASM is that you can first join and then start investing in a product line at a later stage. ASM also offers a full 100% money-back guarantee in 30 days should you not be completely satisfied with their program.
You heard right, you can try out this course for as long as 30 days, and still receive a refund when you are not satisfied with it. This makes the course completely risk-free.

Why Are Some People Calling The Amazing Selling Machine A Scam?

When you start conducting your own search for more information about ASM, you may come across reviews or sites that say this program is a scam.
To begin with, it may come as a surprise that a well-established program backed by hundreds if not thousands of glowing testimonials and members could be regarded as a scam.

The main reasons why ASM has developed this reputation:

The Price: While this might not be the real reasons why the Amazing Selling Machine is regarded as a type of scam, it is important to understand that negative perceptions have developed towards this program due to its price.
The ASM costs an astounding $4,997 as a once-off fee. If you are unable to afford the total amount upfront, you do have the option to pay installments of $997 over a period of 6 months (which brings the total price up to $5,982).
This was the price at the time that this program was introduced to the public. Eventually, this price will increase if you have not signed-up after a set time until it actually closes.
Originally, the Amazing Selling Machine cost $3,995 on average. The price only increased by $1,002 for this particular version of this program.
To give them credit, the Automation Tool Suite was not made available to its members before, until the launch of ASM 11 which is a valid explanation for this increase in price.
Once you have paid for this program, you are granted access to any new versions, even if you have to pay again. You should consider this program as a type of investment.
As soon as you have paid, you will receive all the updated information that you need on making money on Amazon. This is especially important when there are important changes made to the Amazon algorithm or the business-model.
To offset the costs of ASM, it does provide 2 guarantees. To begin with, a 30-day money-back guarantee which will allow you to get your money back before the 30 day period is up, when you are not satisfied with the training.
This provides you with an ample opportunity to browse through each module, chat to community members, and even try out some of the available tools.
The second guarantee includes the 6-month Buy-Back Promise. If after a period of 6 months of going over the training and using the tools you are not satisfied with your overall progress, ASM will give you your money back, but you need to give them your Amazon business.
They are also prepared to pay a maximum amount of $10,000 worth of any stock or inventory leftover in the Amazon warehouse.

ASM Course: Coaching Calls And Additional Bonuses

The ASM core modules expertly deliver the overall course associated with this superior training program. Yet there are other advantages before you should make a decision on whether or not to pay for this course.
Investing in any type of training material such as this involves a lot more than only high-level, practical training. For this reason, you may already be asking questions like:
  • Is ASM backed by a supportive and inspiring community?
  • Do they provide personal mentoring when I need additional assistance?
  • Do they have some type of monetary guarantee available, should I decide this is not working for me?
Let us tell you more about these answers!

The Private Resource Vault

The Resource Vault involves a tool collection, useful links, and documents to assist you in successfully launching and growing your e-commerce business.
There are two main sections in this vault: Resource Links and Module Resources.
The resource links basically do what they say. You will discover web-links to a variety of online tools that can assist you in setting up specific aspects of your own business.
The links are also categorized into different subject-matter groups, in this way:
The Module Resources contain all the files that are included in the ASM core-training segments. These will contain lists of PDF files, which are separated according to their module number, in this way:
The Private Resource Vault is basically a type of shortcut, which helps you to save valuable time, using tested and tried true tools along with the processes required to build up your own business.

The Community

A supportive and active community is a vital cornerstone for any of the online training programs that are successful. The ASM community has scored extremely well in various places, from general inspiration and expert help to community engagement.
The community platform is natively hosted in the back-office dashboard. This makes a refreshing change to standard private Facebook groups which many of the course owners are known for setting up and using.

The ASM Unconditional Guarantee

Refund policies are generally a highly accurate reflection when it comes to the quality of the course. If policies are shrouded with small print and mystery with strange conditions attached. It is best to keep your distance.
On the other hand, refund policies that are clear, inspire trust, reliability, and confidence. And fortunately, ASM provides a very respectable one:
The 30-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee. So should this course not match up to your expectation, it is possible to get your hard-earned money back, without any funny conditions in place.

Summing it up

One of the best parts about Amazing Selling Machine, that would be hard to find with any other training program, is the fact that this course has been designed for everybody to use. It will take you by the hand and go over everything you need to know regardless of whether you have any prior knowledge or not.
This program is also managed and run by FBA experts who are there to guide you and assist with any problems you may run into. All that is required from your side is to have the ambition and drive to accomplish each of your goals.
So if you are still wondering whether ASM is a worthwhile investment? We suggest that it really can be. On a personal level, I and extremely happy with the Amazing Selling Machine.
My only regrets are that I should have enrolled even earlier. The professional one-on-one attention is one of the reasons why I feel ASM is really worth it, and the reason why countless others have achieved success with this program.
If you do your own research you will soon discover a number of successful stories from the ASM students. This is what really sets this course in its own league when compared to other FBA courses.
To date, there are no online-program teaching courses that are better when it comes to showing you exactly how to build a successful business through drop shipping than Amazing Selling Machine.
If your budget allows, and you are interested in drop shipping, then ASM is one of the best premium-quality training courses for you.
I really hope you enjoyed this review and that it has given you a bit more insight. If you have comments or any questions, feel free to use the below comment section. I will do my best to answer all of them.

(*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2018 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00.

The claims presented on our website are not represented as predictions or forecasts that anyone who joins will experience success. Concerning future performance or results, no guarantee of any kind is implied. Individual results will vary depending on many factors outside our control, including the degree of effort made by each individual and the time, skill and ability they can devote to the business. Although these claims are truthful statements about results obtained by our customers, the results obtained by our customers are not necessarily typical. Some customers have little to no profit.

Affiliate Disclaimer:  Please note that some of the links inside this article may be affiliate links to ASM 11 and I will make a small commission to help continue to run this site.