What Is The Best Bed In A Box?


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Over the years, innovations have swept every industry leaving none. Better ways of doing things are now available and will be made much better in years to come. The mattress industry is also not left out with the introduction of bed in a box mattresses.

Bed in a box mattress is made with modern memory foams that will ensure you have quality sleep and modern compression technology to ensure it enters into a box.

Do you know that bed in a box mattresses can keep you cool at night and also help you achieve quality sleep? How you start your day (from waking up strong and ache-free because of a good quality bed) matters a whole lot and might affect the rest of your day.

A good bed in a box can guarantee you that great sleep and a good start you need. There are lots of that you can have delivered to your home in no time just by placing your order.

What is the best bed in a box? The best bed in a box is the Casper foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses. Casper mattresses feature different sizes with four layers of premium breathable foam, zoned support for better spinal alignment and comfort and layers that relieve pressure.

What You Should Know About Casper Mattresses?

Casper mattresses are one of the major and foremost bed-in-a-box brands that were produced with lots of customer satisfactory records.

Their bed in a box mattress is also one of the best-rated mattresses with 10 years limited warranty, a 100-night free trial period with a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. Free shipping and delivery services are also available.

With Casper mattress, you will experience the benefits of a mattress specially made for your comfort and good sleep. With an amazing combination of high-quality latex foam with a layer of memory foam, you have a mattress you would wish you can lay on all day.

Casper mattress is a hybrid foam made up of three different layers and medium firmness that would ensure your maximum satisfaction even doing a good job with your stomach and back.

Casper mattress is made up of 1.5 inches latex layer, a 1.8 inches memory foam in the middle, and lastly a 7 inches based layer support foam with good white top fabric with lovely texture and black cover for the side giving off a good contrast.

Are Mattresses That Come In A Box Good?

Every buyer of a given product especially if the buyer is buying that product for the first time has this worry. Is this product really good? Will it serve the intended purpose?

Do you have such worries about the bed in a box? Yea, they are legitimate worries and it is normal. While getting a mattress from a store, it is advised that you lay on the mattress for a while to see if it meets your need before eventually making the purchase but how many beds would you have to lay on and for how long.

Studies also showed that even with such a process, most buyers still end up with the wrong choice. Almost all the bed in a box manufacturers gives you at least 100 (or more) night free trials to try out the mattress and a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

So you have enough time to finally decide if the mattress is for you or not. For a manufacturer to give such conditions, it shows that the manufacturer believes in the quality and reliability of his product.

To use a bed in a box, move it to your bedroom, carefully unbox the mattress from the side and ensure you don’t make a mark on the mattress with a sharp object while opening it.

Place the mattress on a good bed base and remove the outer layer of the wrap. It would take about an hour to expand completely and some days to become firm.

How Long Do Bed In A Box Mattress Last?

Do you ? The manufacturers of bed in box mattresses make them with quality materials that ensure their durability. Driscoll said, “A well-designed boxed mattress will last as long as a traditional one”.

Therefore they are not less durable when compared with other traditional beds. Bed in box manufacturers offer up to 10 years warranty. The bed in a box manufacturer is certain of the durability of their mattress, therefore, it can last.

It is also important to note that how long a mattress lasts can be dependent on different variables such as; the quality of maintenance, kind of material used, the manufacturing quality and how rigorous the bed is being used.

Although, The National Sleepers Foundation advises that a mattress is changed between 7 to 10 years. Some mattresses have toppers which can be changed without changing the entire bed while some have two sides that can be used.

Do You Need A Box Spring For A Bed In A Box?

You would be needing a good box spring for a bed in a box. Another alternative is the use of a platform instead of a box spring. With a one-sided mattress, you might not necessarily need a box spring provided you have a hard and good supportive surface to place your bed on because those mattresses come with supportive bases.

When the mattress is two-sided, then you need a box spring. Most manufacturers of the modern mattress like a bed in a box include the use of box spring in their warranties. You might want to neglect the warranty altogether.

But if you want to get the benefits from the warranty, you should stick with the terms of the warranty. They emphasize the use of a box spring because an irregular surface can make the mattress sag before time thereby reducing its life span.