The Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition Review | Mark Ling’s 2020 Biggest Launch For Affiliate Marketing

While we can’t yet provide you with a review of Mark Ling’s Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition, we thought a preview would be helpful. 

This is because Mark Ling has been around in the internet marketing space for a long time.  He’s not one of those here today, gone tomorrow marketers.  He’s proven he knows what he is talking about.

So that make’s a big launch by Mark Ling something worth paying attention to from beginning to end.

What Can We Expect From An Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition Review?

Since it’s not available yet, we don’t enough information to give you a lot of details with regard to what’s in the product.  However, with such a big launch from Mark Ling, there will be a lot of good information released even before the Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition is even available to the public.

What’s The History Of Overnight Freedom?

Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer were behind Overnight Freedom.  Overnight Freedom was a training program designed around teaching people to make money online via affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is simply promoting someone else’s product in exchange for a commission on sales. The most well known is Amazon. 

You can sign up as an affiliate for Amazon and they give you a special web site link to share.  When someone buys through your affiliate link, you get a commission on the sale.

Overnight Freedom focused on four specific affiliate marketing strategies to make money:

  • Selling digital products where you earn a pretty high commission, usually 50% to 75%.
  • Promoting recurring revenue product such as membership sites.  You get a lower commission but you make that amount every month for as long as the person stays a member.
  • High CPA (Cost Per Action) commissions from promoting both physical and digital products.
  • The Promotion of High Ticket Offers

The Marketers Behind Overnight Freedom

As mentioned above, Rob James and Gerry Cramer created Overnight Freedom.  Both of them have been around the Internet marketing world for a long time.

They’ve done very well financially doing exactly what they teach in Overnight Freedom.  They have the success and track record to show that what they teach really does work because they are living proof.

Both Rob and Gerry have been around online marketing since 1999.  How many of today’s internet marketers can say that?  And how many that were making big money online back then are still around?

Not many!  These guys have been deemed Clickbank’s number one affiliate marketer’s numerous times.  They have many students that have also gone on to affiliate marketing success who earn a living online.

Our Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition Review will be constantly updated as we learn new information about the details of the program right up until the expected launch in September of 2020.