ClickFunnels Affiliate Guide: Easy Ways To Earn Money With Share Funnels

Over the years I have promoted many affiliate products, but I think that for most internet marketers Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels is the most profitable affiliate program that is available today.

However, in order to maximize this potential, you need to thoroughly understand all of the opportunities offered by ClickFunnels.

You can then use your marketing skills to promote the method you choose to the max.

In this article, I will be covering everything you need to know about the share funnels. I think it’s the best way to earn money when using ClickFunnels.

Sharefunnels are a built-in feature of ClickFunnels that you can use to give your affiliate commissions a big boost, as long as you do things right.

Why Should You Promote ClilckFunnels?

Now before we get started, let me explain why I rate ClickFunnels as the top affiliate program that I promote.

The first reason is, I really like the actual product.

Although ClickFunnels does have some flaws, I have used it in my own business since 2017.

It does exactly what it promises to do. It helps me create sales funnels that help to increase the value I get out of each one of my customers.

I also like the teaching style of Russell. Sure, he sometimes comes off as very salesy. However, I have read his two books (Expert Secrets and Dot Com Secrets) and I was very impressed with both of them.

His message truly resonates with me. I found many actionable ideas from him that I am using in my own business now.

When it comes to the actual CickFunnels affiliate program, you earn a 40% recurring commission on ClickFunnels sales, and a 40% commission on all of the related products that are part of the ClickFunnels ecosystem. That includes the continuity programs like Funnel University and Funnel Scripts along with Russell’s two books.

Each of the products has their own funnel with downsells and upsells that have been designed by Russell Brunson, the original funnel master.

A sticky cookie is also used by ClickFunnels.

That means that after a customer clicks on your link, they will have your sticky cookie which means you will get commissions on all of the products they buy through any funnel that they go through.

You also receive 5% commission on the commissions that ClickFunnels affiliates get who signed up under you.

Finally, ClickFunnels offers one of the best bonus prizes, which pays for you to lease your very own dream car.

If you sign up 100 ClickFunnels customers, you will be paid $5000 per month towards leasing your dream car. If you get 200 signups you will be paid $1,000 per month.

If you don’t think that is doable, you can click over to this page which shows all of the dream car winners.

So How do Share Funnels Actually Work?

This is one of the best features offered by ClickFunnels. Each of the funnels that you create inside of your account will have its own unique share funnel URL that can be shared with other people.

Whenever somebody visits your link, they get transported over to a page that looks like this one:

The page has a video that explains how everything works, and there is a preview at the bottom of all of the steps that make up your funnel.

If an individual is already a ClickFunnels user, then your funnel gets added to their account. However, if they are not a member, then they will be prompted to sign to their 14-day ClickFunnels trial account to access the funnel.

If they continue on as a paying member, you will receive an affiliate commission. That is very powerful and among the biggest secrets to earning big money from being a ClickFunnels affiliate.

The following are the steps you need to take to obtain your share URL:

  1. Log into your account and then edit the funnel you would like to share
  2. Navigate to the Settings tab and click on it
  3. Scroll down until you see the blue box that says Shre This Funnel URL
  4. Copy the share URL and then share it!

7 ways to earn money with Share Funnel

So now that you understand how share funnels work, let’s go over how you can earn money with them. The following are 7 examples of ways that you can use and promote ClickFunnels.

The following are just a few ideas I came up with. Hopefully, you can use them as the inspiration to come up with your own ideas and get you very won dream car in the process.

1. Use a box share funnel to Promote an Affiliate Business

If you are just starting to promote ClickFunnels, then a good way to get started is the Affiliate Business in a Box (BiB) method. Basically, this is a completely self-contained funnel you can promote using solo ads.

When you drive traffic to it, you can collect leads and obtain ClickFunnels trials as individual use your BiB.

I have written about this study in the past, and currently, I am testing the Secret Affiliate Machine Funnel. So far it is working very well to help me obtain more CilckFunnels trials from people.

2. Build a sales funnel of your own for selling your own service or product

The very best way of promoting ClickFunnels is to start to use it in your very own business. If you have your own service or product to sell, ClickFunnnels can be used to create your own sales funnel and get started selling your product.

Just be sure to take full advantage of your ability to create downsells and upsells to get even more value from every customer. You can then pay a higher amount of traffic and start to really kickstart your sales.

Pen Joon, an 8 figure marketer, did exactly that to make a fortune with his best-selling program Content Multiplier Formula. Joon created an incredible 4-step sales funnel using ClickFunnels to sell his products, and 2 upsells.

He was able to turn this into more than $10 million in sales.

3. Offer your share funnel as an incentive content upgrade

Share funnels make great content upgrades. You legitimately can share that you are sharing your sales funnel that has actually helped your business, and then people will get excited to sing up to be on your list so they can add your funnel into their accounts.

That means you can earn ClickFunnells commissions and start to build your email list at the same time.

There are many different directions you could go with this idea. The important thing is to ensure the content that you attach to your content upgrade is very relevant to the funnel you are wanting to share.

4. Create funnels that can be used by local area businesses

This idea will require you to do some legwork. However, it can be very lucrative if you’re willing to hustle and work hard.

Many local businesses do not have the knowledge or budget to create a solid web presence for selling their services online.

You can create a funnel for them that goes with their specific business and then sell it at a certain price. For $500, for example. After they agree to make the purchase, you provide them with your share URL and to use it they sign for their own ClickFunnels account.

One really good thing about it is if your sales funnel works for them, they will stay a member of ClickFunnels for a very long time and you will get recurring commissions for as long as they are a member.

The key is to search your local area and find jewelers, dentists, real estate agent or any type of business that sell high ticket services or products.

5. Start your very own funnel building service

Since ClickFunnels has grown to be so popular I see the term funnel consultant getting thrown around a lot.

Why not become a consultant yourself and start your own business that creates sales funnels for other people? It is very easy to make these funnels using ClickFunnels and the more that you make the easier the process gets.

After you have established your service, and receive more work, you could easily outsource the work and have someone else do it for you.

Recently I posted a job on Upwork search for landing page designers for ClickFunnels and I received a number of proposals. So there is definitely a demand.

For each funnel that you make and sell, don’t forget to use your share URL so you can earn the bonus commissions.

There was also a service launched by ClickFunnels to sell funnel building services. It goes by the name Funnel Rolodex and is designed for individuals who are part of the ClickFunnels community for marketing their services. This is another excellent way to earn money while also obtaining more visibility for your service as well.

6. Search for successful sales funnels and then replicate them.

All businesses that sell something use some kind of sales funnel. Locate some good ones and then use ClickFunnels to replicate them. Write a blog post about your experience or record a video.

When you do that you can show just how easy using ClickFunnels is. Include your share funnel link to the finished product so that your work can be verified by your viewers and watchers. If you show how easy it is to use ClickFunnels, people will want to sign up and check it out.

For example, if you are a big fan of the work of Grant Cardone, you can check out his funnel that he used for selling his product called Millionaire Booklet. Study it and figure out how it works. Then demonstrate this to your viewers and readers.

7. Offer your share funnel as a bonus for your email marketing.

this can be a very good idea for certain niches. A great email marketing campaign requires that you offer your readers with consistent value so they will continue to open and engage with your emails.

You can easily include your share funnel URL in a case study, for example. There are endless possibilities with this idea.

Final Thoughts

One of the very best ways to get individuals to cookie your CickFunnels affiliate link are share funnels. They are the key to earning more money with ClickFunnels and earning the dream car and perhaps the even more exclusive 2 Comma Club.

So you are reading to start making your own share funnels?

If so, then sign to get a ClickFunnels account and take full advantage o the 14-day Free Trial that they offer. Sign up as an affiliate as well so you can start to earn commissions with ClickFunnels.