Top 10 Amazing Laminar Flow Example Videos

Maybe you have seen those videos on Facebook where it looks like water in frozen in space, but someone moves their hand through the stream and you slowly realize it is running.

It looks like fantasy or something out of a movie, but it is real and it is called Laminar Flow.

What is Laminar Flow?

A term that comes up in certain branches of the sciences, Laminar Flow refers to the process in fluid dynamics where particles follow smooth layered patterns. Each layer moves past the bordering layers with very little mixing or even no mixing at all.

This process can differ slightly depending on the velocity or speed of movement as it is more clear at low flows versus fast flow. Anyone familiar with the scientific concept of the Reynolds number may have a fuller understanding as there is a definite relationship between how fluids demonstrating the Laminar Flow and the Reynolds number.

We looked for cool videos about Laminar Flow and here are our top picks:

#1: UNM Physics & Astronomy

This is one of the best videos online when it comes to seeing, explaining, and getting an amazing visualization of what the Laminar flow is.

Not only does the beginning start with the basics and explanation while giving a visual stimulation, but by reverse engineering the process at the end it really brings home the incredible nature of this process by showing it from two different directions.


#2: Captain Disillusion – Laminar Flow DISAMBIGUATION

You can skip the first minute and a half if you’re a pure meat and potatoes type of viewer. This is a great video because it starts with a YouTube video, explains why so many people thought this video as Laminar Flow, why it is not, and then really goes into a deep dive of explaining what Laminar Flow actually is and how it functions.

Not the normal dry type of science video but a really good in-depth explainer that makes this a very good complement to other Laminar Flow videos, as well.

#3: Why Laminar Flow is AWESOME

Coming from the Smarter Every Day YouTube Channel, this is episode 208 and it is one of the absolute best videos on this and related processes. Fully explained not only in mathematical equations that are necessary to fully understand the process, but using multiple pictures and real world examples, Laminar & Turbulent, and everything else gets a deep dive through multiple experiments and demonstrations.

Great for learners of all ages and a really impressive exploration that makes this a great video on its own as well as a great introduction to other more scientific experimental videos on the topic.

#4: Laminar Flow Example Problem

A good slideshow/Power Point style of video that looks at Laminar Flow, the problems surrounding it, and goes step by step in a very lesson oriented academic format that students will find familiar and which offers plenty of text so viewers have the ability to pause and dissect a particular section. This isn’t for the entertainment factor, but it is outstanding.

#5: Making a Laminar Flow Nozzle

This is an interesting video that is one of the best because it shows practicality of this concept. It goes over Laminar Flow, practical applications, and then goes into actually building a Laminar flow nozzle. On the popular “The King of Random” YouTube channel, this is a great way to combine the practical with the theoretical which will reach many hands-on styles of learners who would otherwise have a harder time with this concept.

#6: Laminar Pipe Flow Example 1

From the Spoon Feed Me channel, this is simple, short, and to the point. It is a clear example of Laminar pipe flow in use and a great supplement to see this process in action.

#7: Reynolds Number – Laminar & Turbulent Flow

You can’t fully understand how Laminar Flow works without also having an idea of how the Reynolds Number works. Coming from some of the brilliant minds at Georgia Tech this Fluid Mechanics video project was a 2010 project of a couple of undergraduates now on YouTube and gives a strong explanation of Reynolds number, how it works, and how that dives into the Laminar Flow (as well as its relation to Turbulent Flow).

#8: Volumetric Flow Rate for Laminar Pipe Flow

From the LearnChemE channel on YouTube and made by faculty at the University of Colorado Boulder, this video gives a great look at flow rate, fluid movement, and how Laminar Flow really works. Solid video demonstration that is a great addition to this top ten list.

#9: Laminar Flow Demonstration

A virtually undiscovered video, this is still a very short video (under one minute) that manages to give a solid example of Laminar Flow and how it works, as well as how it looks in a demonstration experiment as you would be likely to see at a high school level science class.

#10: Fluids in Motion: PBS Crash Course Physics Video

Great “Crash Course” setup video from PBS that explains how fluid physics works, and Laminar Flow is a major part of that which receives a major portion of the attention of this video.